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Here's what GIG Cares is all about


Connecting Communities

*Coming in 2022

GIG Cares brings individuals and families together with their local schools, medical professionals, restaurants, grocery stores, food banks, homeless shelters, community centers and more with the goal of building personal and professional relationships that will propel the gluten-free community into the future.  Care to tell us about the gluten-free good, bad & ugly in your community?

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in action

*Coming in 2022

GIG Cares Awareness Advocacy Ambassador program will activate the passionate individuals in the gluten-free community who want to be changemakers to build bridges, heighten awareness, combat misinformation, and advocate in powerful ways.  

for those who need it

*Accepting Applications 

Through a monthly care package full of GFCO-certified gluten-free products, GIG Cares provides food assistance for individuals and families facing gluten-free food insecurity. Future efforts will include a voucher and coupon program.

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Empowering education
for a happy, health, gluten-free life

GIG Cares provides the hands on information to empower anyone living gluten-free to live their best gluten-free life from building confidence

to shopping on a budget.  

Supporting kids, teens and
young adults

GIG Cares has its sights on our future generations and will ensure that all have the know-how and confidence to rock their gluten-free life.

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I just got my box and I'm absolutely blown away, that's like $50 worth of food!!!!! I don't even know how to say thank you but thank you. Wow.

I received my box! This was absolutely amazing and so helpful. Thanks again!

I received my box! This was absolutely amazing and so helpful. Thanks again!

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