Here's what GIG Cares is all about


for those who need it

*Accepting Applications 

Through a monthly care package full of GFCO-certified gluten-free products, GIG Cares provides food assistance for individuals and families facing gluten-free food insecurity. 

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in action

GIG Cares Awareness Advocacy Ambassador program will activate the passionate individuals in the gluten-free community who want to be the changemakers to build bridges, heighten awareness, combat misinformation, and advocate in powerful ways.  

Empowering education
for a happy, health, gluten-free life

GIG Cares provides the hands on information to empower anyone living gluten-free to live their best gluten-free life from building confidence

to shopping on a budget.  

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I just got my box and I'm absolutely blown away, that's like $50 worth of food!!!!! I don't even know how to say thank you but thank you. Wow.

I received my box! This was absolutely amazing and so helpful. Thanks again!

I just had to say thank you! I got my box today!