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Cultivating Positive Connections in the Gluten-Free Community

GIG Cares is an action-oriented organization driving grass-roots efforts aimed at tackling the biggest challenges facing the gluten-free community. 


It was born through a partnership between the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), a 50-year-old institution in the gluten-free community, and Cutting Costs for Celiacs, a small Wisconsin based non-profit providing relief to celiacs facing food insecurity. 


In the summer of 2013, a high school student from Wisconsin, Lexie Van Den Heuvel, founded Cutting Costs for Celiacs. Cutting Costs for Celiacs provided food baskets, vouchers and other resources  to help cut costs for low-income families with children who were recently diagnosed with celiac disease. As someone contending with celiac disease herself, Lexie saw a need to help those who might not have access or be able to afford a gluten free lifestyle. She offered food baskets, coupons to  purchase gluten free foods, and provided gift certificates to families to go out to eat at their favorite local gluten-free restaurants.  

The Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), a non-profit organization that has been in service to the gluten-free community since 1974, had been following Lexie's achievements and the growth of Cutting Costs for Celiacs for some years. In 2021, The Gluten Intolerance Group saw how a partnership with Cutting Costs for Celiacs could help grow the program and expand it even wider. With this new partnership, GIG Cares was born as a distinct 501 c3 nonprofit to expand on the efforts of Cutting Costs for Celiacs and take it   nation-wide. 

GIG Cares is proud to partner with the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America and its Gluten-Free Certified Organization (GFCO) program. As an extension of GIG's Mission Statement, “Making life easier for everyone living gluten-free”, GIG Cares will be tackling the greatest challenges the gluten-free community faces while providing the care it needs.


Now, GIG Cares is an independent organization that is on a mission to tackle the real needs of the gluten-free community, starting with food insecurity.

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