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Gluten-Free Summer Camps 2024

Generation GF, along with summer camp locations across the United States, is happy to provide the opportunity for gluten-free kids and teens to have a place to go for a week during the summer and have fun just being a kid. The camp environment builds camaraderie, allowing our members of Generation GF to be part of a group and not feel isolated due to their dietary needs.

2024 Gluten-Free Friendly Summer Camps

Gilmont Summer Camp, Texas, June 16-21 2024

NJY Camps, New York, multiple camp dates

Camp Blue Spruce, Oregon, August 12th-17th 2024 

  • Camp Blue Spruce is dedicated to providing an authentic and fun overnight camp experience for children with food allergies, celiac disease, and other related conditions. By creating an environment free from the top-9 food allergens plus all gluten with qualified medical staff on site, campers feel safe and are released from the worry and anxiety they face daily while navigating their allergies. Even the camper’s parents can be worry free! Camp Blue Spruce families become part of a community of people who share a common experience and the campers leave feeling more confident and independent. Camp is open to kids and teens in grades 4th-11th. The Counselor In Training Program offers 17 year old high school students generally entering their senior year a route to progress from camper to staff. 

Camp Kanata, North Carolina, August 11th-17th 2024 

  • Camp Kanata will host the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) "Blast from the Past" week, August 11th-17th. GIG staff will work to support the kitchen with the latest in celiac education, assisting with the gluten-free dedicated kitchen space program, and ensuring Camp Kanata's high standard of proper food safety and cross-contamination is being adhered to. We encourage campers with celiac disease to sign up for this week.

Camp Sealth, Washington, Session 5: July 29th-August 3rd 2024 

  • Kids can enroll in any in-camp, overnight camp programs during the designated GIG (Gluten Intolerance Group) week at Camp Sealth. Most other special diets can be accommodated in addition to gluten intolerance. GIG will not be able to serve campers in our Vashon Day Camp or on any trips that depart from Camp Sealth. Staff and volunteers from the (GIG) partner with Camp Sealth during one week of the summer to prepare gluten-free meals and snacks for kids with celiac disease. Food is prepared in a separate, gluten-free kitchen. Please note that the entire camp is not gluten-free; other campers attending camp at the same time will be eating food containing gluten. We do make every effort to avoid cross-contamination. Camp Sealth provides gluten-free options during all camp sessions, however, the food prepared during the GIG session is prepared by dedicated staff in a contamination-free kitchen. If your child is highly sensitive to gluten, we recommend attending this dedicated session.

  • If you'd like to enroll in Sealth, first create an UltraCamp account for your camper(s) on the Sealth website. Review and update any information if you already have an established account. The Camp provides options for Financial Assistance, but let them know if you are interested in a GIG scholarship or Financial Assistance through Camp Sealth. Sign your camper up for Session 5 Classic Camp (waitlist). Lastly, reach out to Kim Roeser so she can identify your camper and move them off the waitlist and into camp.

GIG awards thousands of dollars in camper scholarships, thanks to contributions from our GFCO Certified program, and donations from gluten-free friends like you! 

Applications for scholarships for the 2024 camp season have closed. 

Are you a certified gluten-free food company that would like to sponsor campers in 2024?


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