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Gluten Free Summer Camps 2023

Gluten Free Summer Camps 2023

Generation GF, along with summer camp locations across the United States, is happy to provide the opportunity for gluten-free kids and teens to have a place to go for a week during the summer and have fun just being a kid. The camp environment builds camaraderie, allowing our members of Generation GF to be part of a group and not feel isolated due to their dietary needs.

Remember to sign up early for kids’ camps!


Join Generation GF for a special week at Camp Kanata Week 7 (July 23-29) and Camp Sealth Session 7 (August 14-19) or pick any date at Camp NJY and Great Gluten Escape at Gilmont, both GFFS Validated Safe Spots. Each of these GIG-endorsed camps are planning extra measures to keep kids safe this summer.

*Please note that even though Camp Kanata Week 7 is "sold out" GIG Cares is holding 10 spots for scholarship recipients*

GIG awarded $10,000 in scholarships in both 2021 and 2022, thanks to contributions from our GFCO Certified program, and donations from gluten-free friends like you! 

Applications for scholarships are open.

Are you a certified gluten-free food company that would like to sponsor campers in 2023?


Partner with GIG Cares today!

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